The Crow

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The Crow (1994)

The Crow is (in my opinion) one of the best movies ever. Brandon Lee does a fantastic job playing Eric Draven and the overall portrayal of emotion in this movie just gives me chills. The movie touches on aspects of revenge, anger, angst, sadness and everything in between. The Crow certainly isn’t just your typical horror movie.

 If I were to say anymore, I would certainly be going on for pages and pages, because I am in love with this movie!!!  So I should probably shut up before I get myself started.

My Rating: 10 out of 10

YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!!! (and make sure you don’t get the later re-makes, they aren’t as good.)

The Goth Bible

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The Goth Bible by Nancy Kilpatrick

 The Goth Bible is a guide book to all gothdom. It gives insights to music choices, clothing, art, drugs, and even the green fairie itself – absinthe! If you wish to find out any info about the goth scene, I would highly reccomend this book.

  Nancy Kilpatrick does a wonderful job explaining “goth”. And everything else for that matter! This book is packed with information about anything your little black soul desires. The Goth Bible has a certain dark sense of humor to it, which adds to the overall greatness of this book. After each chapter, there is even a list of websites you can go to, to find out more!

  I would direct this book to anybody looking to enter the goth subculture or those who feel they have “forgotten their purpose” of entering the scene.

My rating: 9 out of 10

          (the only reason it doesn’t get a ten is for lack of pictures.)

– Raven Nightmare  0_O

Neon Colors Are Your Friends!

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  Sometimes, no matter what subculture you are in, day-to-day black can get boring. Even if it is an extension of the darkness of your soul, you’re not a dead body. (Even though some of us wish we were.) My Solution: Neon Colors.

  Neon Colors like bright pink and bright green can make a drab outfit stand out in a sea of darkness. And, it just so happens that every neon color goes with black, except for bright yellow (unless you want to look like a bumble bee). Recently, I have seen people giving up their traditional black and red, to opt for something a bit brighter.

  For Girls: Neon pink fishnets or sheer ripped tights look great with black skirts and ripped jeans. Also, bright pink rubber spikes (or painted pink metal ones) can make any pretty outfit Riot Grrl and any punk outfit look a tad girly. Even if you do act like a guy, a slightly feminine touch reminds people that under all those chains, you’re still a chick.

  For Guys: Even though it is not a “neon” color, Dark Blue looks striking against black (and pale skin). My favorite way to incorporate neon colors into outfits is by accesories, for example: bondage pants with blue stitching (available from Tripp) looks really stand out if you wear all black. Painted chains also look morbid in neon colors. Just try to stay away from A LOT of white accesories, the pale skin already makes us look like mimes, no need to take the look farther.

    Other than the ways I  suggested above, there are many other things you can do with neon, like Eye Makeup (which is unisex). I know a guy who wears eye makeup like Eric Draven from the movie The Crow, except he does it with a dark purple and black instead of all black. Like I constantly repeated above though, neon colors look best when they are not the main piece in you outfit. You would probably look rather foolish walking around in all pink chain pants with a “Tough Guys Wear Pink” t-shirt. So,  try to keep the main color dark.

  As always, it’s  safe to go with what you like… if you’re not comfortable walking around with neon pink fishnets and bracelets, then don’t do it. Since when have we wanted to follow the trend, anyways?

– Raven Nightmare  (It Can’t Rain All The Time.) ❤